HSM SECURIO P series receives Office Product Award

14 ноября 2017

The shredders from the HSM SECURIO P series with IntelligentDrive won the "Office Equipment" category at this year's Office Products Awards. This year's list of nominees had over 50 products from the office world. The HSM SECURIO P series shredders stood out in their category, impressing the independent panel of experts.

The jury especially praised the additional options that the shredder offers compared to conventional models. The various operating modes make it easy for the user to adapt the document shredder, over a display, to various requirements. This makes the units from the HSM SECURIO P series particularly suitable for use in open-plan offices or when larger quantities are to be destroyed. The jury said that the devices set a new standard in the destruction of data carriers.

Document Shredders from HSM SECURIO P series with IntelligentDrive

The document shredders from the HSM SECURIO Professional series are distinguished by their smoothness and perfectly matched cutting mechanisms for consistently high cutting performance. The large collection volume means that few emptying intervals are needed, which makes them perfect for large workgroups of up to 15 people. Depending on the operating mode, the innovative drive and control concept provides up to 40 % higher throughput performance or works up to 30 % more quietly than previous models. Three different operating modes are available – Silent for particularly silent operation, which is a great benefit in offices, Standard with optimum throughput at low noise levels and Performance for maximum cutting and throughput performance. The intuitive operation and multilingual menus are displayed on a high resolution 4.3" touch display with swipe functionality. The standby and shut-off mechanisms provide high energy savings. Through the smart avoidance of paper jams, the system automatically recognises early on if too much paper has been fed. The unit reverses or briefly takes in more power and loads the paper.

The Office Products Awards are an initiative to highlight the innovative strength of the industry. The awards are known as prestigious and they gain increasing recognition year after year. The Office Products Awards, which were presented in 2017 for the tenth time, were created as a platform for important innovative products in the Benelux office market, and have since become a worldwide acclaimed award of the sector. This year's competition had a total of 16 categories.

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